Sometimes you write a simple post that seems to capture your audience's attention more than you'd expect. That certainly happened to me in my post How Do You Explain Marketing to a Six-Year Old?

It all started one day when I was trying to explain to my (then) six-year old son what I do, and he asked “what is marketing?” I thought for a second, and came up with this: “Marketing is what you do in business when you want to help persuade people to want and to buy what you have to sell.”

After my basic explanation, I tried to use the example of a lemonade stand. I asked my son what he might do to sell as much lemonade as possible. I expected him to talk about signs (that’s where my head went first), but he actually started by talking about pricing. (Start high, he said, and then lower the price if we need to.) And then he talked about making sure we had a good location. And only then did we talk about advertisements. (We also talked about the product itself, making sure the lemonade was good in the first place.)

For me, it was a great reminder that marketing is much more than just promotions and marketing campaigns. The 4 Ps (product, place, price, promotion) still matter, and marketing has a strategic role to play in the success of the business.

So, how would you explain marketing to a six-year old?