I published my first blog post on the Marketo blog on August 8, 2006.  It was titled Modern B2B Marketing Defined, and it spelled out the four reasons that traditional marketing approaches were no longer acceptable:

  1. Customers DON’T want to be interrupted.    
  2. There are no more mass channels.
  3. Marketing can’t get away with not being accountable.

I then spelled out the four principles of modern marketing, as I saw them in 2006:

  1. Attention marketing. Marketing to customers when and how they want to engage. This eventually became a key tenant of inbound marketing.
  2. Community marketing. This eventually became social marketing.
  3. Left brain marketing. The whole idea of using math and science in marketing.   
  4. Accountable marketing. Using metrics to prove -- and improve -- marketing's impact on revenue, and help marketing earn a seat at the revenue table.

Check out the original article: Modern B2B Marketing Defined.